Julia Restoin Roitfeld

Looking at old home visits on The Selby, I came across Julia Restoin Roitfeld’s Manhattan flat. Remembering when I saw the photos the first time and how I admired her jewellery, I thought I’ll show you my favourite pics.

Images courtesy of theselby.com

The More The Merrier

Sometimes over the top is just right when it comes to jewellery!

Images courtesy of davidmorris.com

Hands On

Salvador Daliesque photo showcasing fabulous pieces of Lady Grey jewellery.

Image courtesy of ladygreyjewelry.com

Precious Flower Power

(Another) Three fabulously flowerily pieces of jewellery by one of my all-time favourites, Lydia Courteille.

Images courtesy of lydiacourteille.com

Wild Animals Aren't Confined to the Jungle Alone…

My slight obsession with jewellery depicting animals continues with these pieces by Carrera y Carrera.

Images courtesy of carreraycarrera.com

Viva la France

One of a kind tiara by Lydia Courteille.

Image courtesy of lydiacourteille.com

Animal Attraction

From Larela Jewellery‘s charming debut collection!

Images courtesy of larelajewellery.com

New Bittar!

Some very nice lucite pieces from Alexis Bittar’s new Fall/Winter collection!

Images courtesy of alexisbittar.com

The Magpie In Me…

…loves these amazing perspex and pearl statement necklaces with Swarovski crystals by Merle O’Grady.

Images courtesy of merleogrady.com