Horror Vibes

These silver rings remind me of the creatures in the 90’s horror movie Tremors, lucky for Zoe Catherine Kendall the rings are much more appealing!

Images courtesy of zoekendall.com

Victoire de Castellane Video

An oldie but a goodie: Click on the link below to see the queen of high-end bling talk about her inspirations.

Victoire de Castellane

Stephen Webster Video

Click on the link below to see Stephen Webster talk about the jewellery from his Jewels Verne collection.

Stephen Webster Jewellery

Linked In

Fun chain link bracelets by Steven Shein that won’t break your bank!

Images courtesy of shopstevenshein.com

Extravagant Bestiaries

Jewellery from conventional high-end brands doesn’t usually float my boat but I’m liking these pieces from Boucheron’s Extravagant Bestiary collection.

Images courtesy of boucheron.com

Lady Luck

A friend of mine has been given so many amazing pieces of Georg Spreng jewellery by her generous husband that I’ve lost track of how many she has. Needless to say that she is one very lucky lady!

Images courtesy of georgspreng.de

Remarkable or Revolting?

These days I spend most of my time breastfeeding wherever and whenever the baby decides that she’s hungry. Therefore it feels fitting to showcase this piece of jewellery, made out of breast milk and gold. German designer Stefan Heuser explains the story behind his ring here.

Image courtesy of klimt02.net

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

Three favourites from Stephen Webster’s Jewels Verne fine collection.

Images courtesy of stephenwebster.com

Practising What I Preach

Blue tourmaline ring from Oria, yellow and pink sapphires bought from stone dealers and set by friend.