When In Doubt, Keep It Simple…

… with a beautiful, coloured gemstone set in a unadorned mount, like these by German designer Bodo Dilg.

Images courtesy of www.bodo-dilg.de

Fire Walk With Me

For those of us who haven’t been able to properly catch some sunshine yet, fire opals set in yellow gold makes a nice contrast to winter-pale skin.

Images courtesy of fsaugusta.co.uk, danielavillegas.com, astleyclarke.com

Pink Perfection

Since having a little girl, I have rediscovered the colour pink and all its delightful shades! Here are a few selected favourites of mine by Selim Mouzannar, from his Terra collection.

Images courtesy of selimmouzannar.com

Charms Away

I’m usually not a massive fan of Vivienne Westwood’s jewellery but I’m really liking these charms. Probably because of the nostalgic feelings childhood stamp collecting conjure up, my fondness for malachite and my obsession with touching wood!

Images courtesy of viviennewestwoodonline.co.uk

A Few Sweet Treats

In an effort to loose the pregnancy weight I’ve decided to give up sweet things for a while. Luckily I can indulge in these tasty looking doughnut necklaces instead!

Images courtesy of calourette.com